Daily specials for Tuesday February 9


1/2 herb roasted chicken served with rice and veggies $9.95

Thick Meat Lasagna with Salad and Buttered Roll $9.95

Stuffed peppers served with rice $9.95

Homemade lobster ravioli served in our own pink champagne sauce with a butter roll $9.95

BBQ spare ribs served with french fries and coleslaw $9.95

Sandwich specials

Pesto grilled chicken panini – pesto seasoned grilled chicken with fresh mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers on a ciabatta roll $8.95

Egg salad club – home made egg salad on a toasted whole wheat sub roll with leaf lettuce, tomatoes and bacon $8.95

Virginia ham and brie pita – with arugula leaves, sun dried tomatoes and honey mustard on panini pressed pita bread $8.95

Salad specials

Small size $7.95        regular size $9.95

Crispy chicken and ham salad – Breaded chicken cutlets, ham and swiss cheese over meslun greens with, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers and hard boiled eggs with home made russian dressing

Crack pepper turkey cobb salad – crack pepper turkey over mesclun lettuce with croutons, crumbled blue cheese, bacon, tomatoes and hard boiled eggs, served with honey mustard dressing

Grilled chicken Hawaiian salad – grilled chicken, ham and pineapples over mesclun greens with swiss cheese, plum tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots with honey mustard dressing